Glaciology summer reading group

Informal reading group, Harvard University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2019

A low-key reading group that meets about twice per month in the summer to discuss recent progress in all areas of glaciology.

Lunch meetings on Wednesdays in the Birch Seminar Room. Lunch will be provided!

May 29. The geological record of glaciation

Preparation for the New England Friends of the Pleistocene trip.

June 19. Mass balance

June 26: Seismology

TBD Early July: Dynamics

  • Jordan et al., 2017. Ocean‐Forced Ice‐Shelf Thinning in a Synchronously Coupled Ice‐Ocean Model
  • Farinotti et al., 2019. A consensus estimate for the ice thickness distribution of all glaciers on Earth
  • Golledge et al., 2012. Last Glacial Maximum climate in New Zealand inferred from a modelled Southern Alps icefield

TBD Late July

TBD Early August